What are the Membership Fee's?

Full Member: $950
Senior: $760
Under 21: $375
Under 18: $185
Under 15: $70
Under 12: Free with an adult

Social Golf Two Day (Mon/Fri): $340
Bowling Membership: $180
Country (over 50km): $180
Summer Membership: $425

What is a Country Membership?

Country membership package is available to residence outside a 50km and represents excellent value. The price includes Golf Victoria Affiliation Fee of $70, a handicap, full members rights and access to Horsham Golf Course. The membership does not include reciprocal rights and to qualify for club championships, a member must play a minimum of five rounds.

Can non-members play?

Members of the public are always welcome at Horsham Golf Club.

What are the costs to non-members?

The following fees apply.

9 Holes 
Visitors $25.00
Member’s Guests $20.00
Junior U18 $15.00

18 Holes
Visitors $40.00
Member’s Guests $30.00
Junior U18 $20.00

Are carts available to hire?

Yes, through the Pro Shop.

$40 for 18 holes, Group Bookings & Corporate Rates Apply. For more information and bookings, please contact the Golf Shop on (03) 5382 3312.

Golf Link

What is a Golflink Card?

The key to all activities within the Horsham Golf Club is a member’s Golf Link Card. Lost, broken or cards that no longer swipe need to be replaced. A working card is the key to enjoying all aspects of The Horsham Golf Club.

What do I do if I lose my card?

To order a new card contact Golf link.

If using, you will need to log on to your Member Page and follow instructions. If you are having trouble ordering your replacement card, please contact the office staff for assistance. Their number is 1300 650 750


How much does a new Golflink Card cost?

GolflCards for under 5 years are not charged
GolflCards for over 5 years are $5.50

Fees may be subject to change, please check the Golflink website for more information:

Laws and Policies

What are the Horsham Golf Club By Laws?

Golf is a game steeped in traction and etiquette. Read the rules of the Horsham Golf Club here.

Does Horsham Golf Club have a Heat Policy?


In the interests of its members and guests, the Horsham Golf Club has instituted a Heat Policy. This can be read here.

What is the dress code?

For the enjoyment of all and the overall presentation of the club, a dress code must be adhered to at all times. This dress code may be subject to change, as directed by the Committee.

  • Soft spikes or flat soled shoes only.
  • No sandals/thongs on the course.
  • Neat trousers or pants.
  • No tracksuit pants or ripped denim jeans.
  • Neat shirts must be worn with collars. No poor taste logos/slogans.
  • Neat walk shorts with light coloured sports socks or long walk socks.
  • Each player must have own bag and clubs.
  • No tracksuits or football attire.
  • Dress must be neat at all times.